Denis Romanovski


Concerts for the flowers, 2010-2015

CRW 0117 hm optA series of performances of similar titles. Life Action New York, No-Budget Performance at Mejan, FLUXEE, Navinki, II Encontre de Performance i Poesia d’Accio, KV konstskola.

A number of flowers are distributed among the audience, people with flowers are following “Please give a flower to a person in this room...“ instructions, for example: who is smiling, who is looking at you, who has a nice haircut, whom you like, whom you dislike, who is dressed out of fashon, who, you think, has no sense of humor, whom you would like to meet again, go for a date, and so on. Instructions challenging the audience to act for or agains positive or uncomfartable demands, overcoming seriousness of behaivioural and cultural bounderis often with laughter in a multitude of encounters and spontenious situations.