Denis Romanovski


Wedding Interface, 2003

wedding_interface16wedding_interface17 performance allows to create situations in which various communications can be  updated. Attempt to look at a ritual as an interface.
Like any other ritual, wedding is an interface. It unites people into single family and makes different families to become related. It has also been a feature of almost all cultures - yesterday, today, tomorrow, from generation to generation. It is a grandiose communicative act,extended in time and space, and involving billions of individuals. This performance offers an interface, a shell, an instance of the ritual  to get married spontaneously and without any obligations. like karaoke. All the brides are set the task of tying a tie round my neck, using either a classic or any other kind of knot. This simple mission in fact exposes a range of characters and persons. Notes on a wall contain typical instructions for photographer at a wedding party.
1. Stockholm, Konst Academie - Spring Show
2. Minsk, Navinki Festival

Stockholm2003, Minsk 2003
Fotos: Gosia Kurdziel , Anastasia Kuchinskaya, Tatiana Mayboroda, Navinki festival