Denis Romanovski


Futureview 2006-...

Note. Ongoing version of the project is Futurerighted (F) on, (F) Futureview, 2020.
Futureview is an interview or dialog with yourself in the future. Back in 2010, futureviews became so popular among artists, writers, filmmakers, composers and other creative people, that some of them claimed Futureview as genre. During last decades were created many futureviews in various media and by using various methods: by meditating, by asking, by interrogating (some artists even managed to subject future- themselves to torture), by picturing and 3d modeling, by using identity simulators, and so forth with other traditional and extravagant methods.

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AW Navigator (Auditory Web Navigator) research project

awn an auditory display application project for audible web navigation. AWN will function as multimodal sound map representing graphical/structural layout of web pages; with mouse navigation and headphones playback. Sonification of a web page layout is aiming mainly to improve effectiveness of surfing Internet for visually impaired users, though its conceptual model can be applied in other auditory displays/sonification implementations.

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DSC01197Speech – an ultimate power to brew ideas in masses, reshape geography, turn history. A single voice multiplied in heads of thousands and millions of people. A word that changes reality, becomes a reality. And now it is yours, now it is your voice, history is speaking with your voice, and it is you who defines how it should sound.
KaraTribune – literally “empty tribune” is a rostrum for great orators, historical and famous figures – and it is your rostrum, it is your address to the audience and to the history. Easy to use if you are familiar with Karaoke, but instead of famous songs KaraTribune contains a collection of famous speeches.

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breath_reportvideo-still_vasaloppet02 Online and gallery audiences were be able to "follow" a sportsman as close as his breathing during 90km ski marathon Vasaloppet. Breathing considered to be direct medium desribing physical and emotional states of a body.

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Objects of Experiments, 1998-2001

Series of exhibitions, working with scientific fotos as objects vs. scientific fotos as a text.
2001 "objects of experiments" photo-objects exposition on "Belaru-tion" exhibition in Vlissengen, the
2000 - Photo exhibition "Objects of experiments" on The Minsk Connection meeting, at Replika, Stockholm, Sweden
1998 Objects of experiments, installation AB gallery (Belarus, Minsk)
1998 Objects of experiments, objects,  Belarusian Academy of Arts (Belarus, Minsk);

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