Denis Romanovski



breath_reportvideo-still_vasaloppet02 Online and gallery audiences were be able to "follow" a sportsman as close as his breathing during 90km ski marathon Vasaloppet. Breathing considered to be direct medium desribing physical and emotional states of a body.

  realtime strem to K1 gallery in Kulturhusset (Stockholm) and over the internet.  remote audiences had a direct continious contact with their sportsman (Denis Romanovski).
VASALOPPET 29 February 2004, 7 hours 32 min 39s (link to result)

audio record 7h30m, wma format, approx 54Mb
or listen now:

stills from video documentation
video-still_vasaloppet07 video-still_vasaloppet06 snapshot20080310094908 snapshot20080310094938

Thanks to: Tore Nilsson, Loulou Cherinet, Peter Hagdahl, Nils Claesson, Dmitri Plax, KKH, Kulturhusset.